All Stars Stance-Off by StanceNation and Zen Garage

Anticipation from fans and gas guzzling enthusiast grew as the first ever “Stance-Off” event in Sydney drew near. Organised and supported by StanceNationZen Garage and All Stars, the event was held at the usual Silverwater Park on Sunday 19th, a great location to cater for a huge turnout of cars with over 1200 attendances.  We knew this event was a milestone for the car culture in Sydney, hence the OFIM crew was also stoked and arrived nice and early making sure we cover the event as thoroughly as possible.

As more and more cars turned up to the event, it was certain that the “stance” of a car were the main focus of this event. “Stanced” itself have many definition, some believes that for a car to be classified as “stanced” it must have no more than 1 finger wheel gap. Although definitions may vary, we can all agree that the “Stanced” culture produces the finest looking modified cars. Extremely low vehicle, sitting wide, stretched tires, and with nice wheels are elements included in this style of modifications.

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Trophies were available and prizes were up for grabs for the Best Stance cars and many other bizarre categories. At around midday time, the crowd suddenly gathered for the main attraction of the day, the car limbo. Which not only involves the lowest of lowest cars, but it also involves creativity to successfully clear the ridiculously low pole (check out the pictures below).

The first Stance-Off turnout was massively successful, with a huge number of car attendances, good food (Cantina Food Truck), and more importantly a great atmosphere. We are keeping a close eye on what StanceNation, Zen Garage and All Stars have to offer in the future and will be highly anticipating the next Stance-Off meet.



Sergio: “Wanna race?”

So this is what OFIM Girl Danie Kara does in her spare time….

And who could forget the infamous car mascot, Domokun Series 1.0


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Written by Edwin Lie & William Huynh

Photography by Edwin Lie & William Huynh

Check this space for our video coverage that will be uploaded very soon.