This stunning 1977 Toyota Celica RA28 Liftback is the pride and joy of Christian Danaskos, a 23 year old graduate from Greenacre. I recently attended a car meet & quickly noticed this Celica. I don’t know if it was this specific shade of candy green and the classic tan interior combo, or just my love for Japanese classics, but this Celica took my attention, not to say line up of Mustangs were unimpressive, in fact it was probably one of the most pristine line up of the American legends I have seen in Sydney.

The Celica blended itself at the meet pretty well, with its exterior shape somewhat closely resembling the 60’s and 70’s era of American Coupes. It has that iconic long nose and sloped fastback that creates a beautiful silhouette, but its just a little bit more compact.

Christian doesn’t really have much of a choice when it comes to having cars in his life, as we got to talking I found out that his whole family is basically revolved around cars. While he was just a kid, his dad used to compete in drag racing at the old Eastern Creek Raceway. His two brothers happened to have a 65′ Mustang Coupe and a 65′ Fastback, while Christian’s parents both owning a 66′ Coupe each. The cars were all built by his dad and even some of the other Mustangs that were present at the meet were also built by the Danaskos Garage brand. Christian has always loved older cars and their designs with so much american muscle influence at home but somehow finds himself preferring Japanese Cars. This is why the Celica and the RA28 shape with the combination of Japanese cars and design with a hint of inspiration from the Mustangs was the perfect choice for him.

The car was bought in 2015 from an owner who had started a semi restoration with the paint and interior but it still felt and looked a bit tired. Keeping the original exterior colour, he then decided to swap the motor out from the 18r-c Auto that was in the car to an 18r-g with an original Celica 5 speed gearbox. The rest of the changes were made to either the stock part or to mimic that era to keep the car rather original. Christian chose a period correct Momo Steering wheel to dress the interior with a leather bounded dash and trims. The windows have absolutely no tinting on it (good choice!) and on the rear screen, you’ll find the classic look of the Venetian blinds. The humble sized wheel with a larger profile sidewall on the tyres makes it a perfect look for this RA28.

I absolutely love this car and it is hard trying to justify its beauty through photos in a car park. I imagine that this would be an absolute bliss to drive, but for now, I’m happy with having the opportunity to meet the owner & see the car up close with my camera.